Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Just about recovered!

I didn't post this weekend as I went on a friend's hen-do. Now this is not the kind of thing I enjoy normally but it was good to be there and share in her time. It isn't often I end up in the upstairs room of one of the town's roughest pubs watching a drag-queen act - who was brilliant by-the-way, at least I knew the time-warp and the words to 'All That Jazz' so could join in a bit!

The other good thing about this weekend was the beautiful new moon - and nice clear nights to be able to see it clearly. I have the Ludlow Medieval Fayre this coming weekend so am hoping that the positive draw of this phase helps me earn some money and have a great time - just need to keep an eye on that weather forecast! It is not fun being in a huge marquee with a force 10 blowing around it...
Anyway, blessed be all.

Friday, 20 November 2009

New or Old?

I mentioned in my last post the drafty, rattly windows of my flat which is in an old building - well I have decided I much prefer it to a brand new house. Today I accompanied a friend to look at a couple of houses - all brand new and on a new estate...not my thing at all. Apart from being very hot and stuffy (hermetically sealed really), and being built far too close together they all looked the same, same plan, same layout, same gardens - everything. Now to some I know that may be just what they are looking for, a blank canvass if you will, but I really love older buildings, I always knew this but it was nice to have it reaffirmed! Long live my rattling windows and drafty hallway!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


This evening I had a session of loading some old school photos onto Facebook for my friends to see and recoil at - great fun! Had some good responses and sparked some memories.

Well it is about 2.30am and we have another rainy, windy night out there, I have had to chock the sash windows with bits of folded paper to stop the rattling, works pretty well and it is a hazzard of old buildings I guess. I will enjoy lying in bed listening to it howl outside though.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I had to get up earlier than I would have liked today to move the van before the parking meters kicked in - my Dad needed it back anyway so, after wiping the misty windows I drove it 'home', had a welcome cuppa then came home to do some work.

I ache. The problem with running a book business is that they need to be moved, they are heavy and bulky and there is no easy way really. I kid myself that it is exercise, which I guess it is - weight lifting kinda. Anyway, back and shoulders were not nice, they are better now though that I have been up and moving about for the last 15 or so hours! I'll be back on form tomorrow.

It is raining again, we had an almost free day - but I like the rain, especially during the night when it sounds louder and makes the roof tiles glisten in the moonlight, very poetic actually. Soon it will be cold enough that it freezes and that is not so much fun for the morning traffic. Winter ahoy.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Went to market.

Hi all (as if anyone reads this!) I didn't post last night as I had an early night in readiness for today - the Sunday flea market in Ludlow where I do a second-hand book stall occassionally for my business 'Rehome-a-Book'. The weather forcast wasn't too bad considering the storms and gales of the last few days, but we did get some rain - no wind though so at least we weren't all flying away.
So it was up at 6.30am, on the market for 7.30 then 9 hours of standing, coffee drinking, chatting and the occassional bit of selling. I did sell a six volume set of Winston Churchill books - first editions but no dust-jackets, still the customer was happy. I came away with a profit so thats a good day. However by the time I had got home, we had unloaded the van and had a cup of tea I was starting to ache all over, I dread tomorrow!
Anyway I now have a two-week gap until my favourite event of the year, the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre! We get to dress up too - it is required and the stalls have to look authentic but it is good fun, I just hope there are lots of people willing to spend some money, times are tough.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Simple pleasures.

I have just spent a great half-hour watching my ferret Eddie playing with an empty hot water bottle. He was dragging it around and flipping it over, digging underneath it - brilliant. My other pleasures today have been realising I am warm and cosy in my flat whilst listening to the howling gales blowing outside, the first storm of winter and I love it - as long as nobody gets hurt! I have had some lovely Chilean red wine, watched 'Autumnwatch' on telly and made myself toast-pizzas. My other half was out this evening so I had a 'me night'.

Storms are so powerful to me. Rain and wind in the winter, thunder and lightening in summer, they stir my pagan roots and give me the shivers. Its like when Mother Nature wins and you have no option to get out of her way. Respect is due!
Blessings all. x

Friday, 13 November 2009

Peace reigns eternal.

Well I am happy to report that nothing dramatic happened in the end last night, I put the bangs and crashes down to the weather and not the local trouble-makers! Things just sound bigger, louder and more suspicious in the dark don't they. I was here loading stock onto ebay at around 3.30am and as the weather calmed down so did everything else. Logic you see!

Not much to say tonight, I am quite tired, it seems to have been one of those days where I thought I hadn't got much done but I've actually been at the computer since mid-afternoon with only a couple of breaks. My day frequently starts at around midday and ends at around 5-6am but I think I will have an 'early' night and turn in soon. The hotwater bottle is at the ready!
Goodnight to anyone who may read this!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bump in the night!

Being awake in the dark hours can lead to slight paranoia. Twice now I have heard the sound of sheet metal moving - we have some scrap pieces at the back of our building where they have been doing some demolition and its pretty loud. It could sensibly be the wind, it is a bit breezy, its also raining and the water may have dislodged them...cat/fox maybe, or (paranoia) some no good person sneaking about in the dark - no moon tonight as its too cloudy so I can't even snoop on this possible person! Luckily we live on the third floor but I will keep an ear out for the lady who lives below. A bonus of being up all night, one is ready for a night time emergency.

Anyway, enough of all that, no noises for a good 10 minutes! As I said there is no moon visible tonight so I have found a verse from a poem that I like:

'The moon like a flower,
In heaven's high bower,
With silent delight,
Sits and smiles on the night'.

From 'Night' by William Blake.

Even though we can't see it, it is there shining and waning away.

Right, I shall carry on with work, keeping an ear open for ne'er-do-wells outside...why is it that nighttime noises like the hum of the fridge seem deafening when you are trying to listen for something else, you hardly notice it during the day.
Blessings all.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lest we forget.

As yet more soldiers return from battle in coffins this year's rememberance day hits home hard. Nobody should be untouched - we shall remember them.

A two-bottle night.

Hotwater bottles that is - I sit here at my computer with one on my lap and there is another waiting for me to take to bed whenever I go later - I am slightly concerned that it is only November, what on earth will I be like by February?! Maybe someone will get me an electric blanket for Christmas...then again perhaps I should just toughen up a bit.

I went to a friend's house this evening for food, chat and telly which is always lovely and when I was walking home at 11ish I noted that it was foggy again and cold, but really not unpleasant, I like the way fog calms everything, just like snow does - things get slower and muffled. As long as I don't have to drive anywhere in it obviously. Now I am in work mode I keep looking outside to take in the scene - I am a bit odd I know, but who cares?!

Monday, 9 November 2009


It was eerily foggy last night, I looked out at around 3.30am and the orange glow from the streetlights made it feel really wintery. When I got up it was much the same. I had to go out quite early and although it wasn't cold, it was damp enough to suggest it. After running and errandI took myself for a woodland walk to 'Sunny Dingle' (not so sunny) and just took it in. I sat quietly and listened to two ravens calling to eachother and that was the only sound part from the trickling of a stream. I love this time of year, the autumn colours, soggy leaves that have fallen and watching busy creatures getting the winter food stores in. Got home and made a large cuppa then cracked on with work, I will go out again after dark and see whats happening.

Sunday Busy Sunday.

Got up to rain, did work in the rain, slipped on moss made lethal by the rain....then it stopped as we were finishing. How typical! Quite a productive day though so not all bad. As I sit here at nearly 1am it is peaceful outside, not wet but getting ever colder. Winter is here in my opinion and I like that. The windows are foggy and it looks like the cars on the street are misted up too - not frosty yet but it won't be long. Semi-hibernation ensues and its time to find my big jumpers.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

What a lazy day!

It was a rainy, drizzly afternoon so I retired to the sofa and consumed many cups of tea, fire on, candles lit and Saturday stuff on the telly. I saw a lovely film called 'What The Deaf Man Heard' which was just nice - no guns or death and it was gently funny to boot! This was followed by some episodes of Buffy which although I have seen them many times I can always watch again and there really wasn't much else on. The day was rounded off well with 'Sleepless In Seattle' - always a good bet when one is by themself on a chilly evening.

I am having to write earlier than I normally would as tomorrow I have to get up in the MORNING and do a day of work, which means I must fight my nighttime preference and try to get some sleep although I predict lying there awake unable to turn my brain off. I have dug out the hotwater bottle which may help. We will just have to see.

I think my lazy day today was deserved in anticipation!
Peace all.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Night One - 7th November 2009

There are quite a few benefits to being a nocturnal type, tonight it is that now, at 2.09am all the fireworks have stopped exploding and it is quiet once more. Bonfire night was yesterday of course, but that was a Thursday, weekends are much better, I expect just as many tomorrow evening and a few random bangs into next week. I don't mind them but the animals get a bit freaked out and that's never good!

I'm not an insomniac - just nocturnal. For as long as I can remember I have been a night person, awake through the night as a child, always did my homework at night. Ideally I would go to sleep (and sleep well) at around 4-5am and get up at 11ish, but life gets in the way of that sometimes. Now that I am self-employed though I can indulge my natural circadian rhythm more - I also get to chat to friends in Australia with no problems at all!

So that's what this blog will be for me - somewhere to put my mid-night ramblings down during work breaks or whenever the fit takes me. If anyone reads this they may think it odd...or may totally relate and think 'Hey, I'm nocturnal too!'

Until tomorrow.