Monday, 21 July 2014

Dramatic night for this owl!

Hi folks, I was at the fab Festival at the Edge again this year, camping on the beautiful Wenlock Edge as usual, and on Friday night we were all in for a real treat - although not all would say so! We had just been to see the last gig of the night by Blackbeard's Tea Party who are a brilliant rock/folk band ( listening to everything they have ever done on spotify as I type btw) the stars above were stunning, and in the distance we could see flashes..were they photos being taken at the beer tent? No, it was lightening in the distance, fork lightening to be exact of the most dramatic proportions...and they got closer, and closer. We zipped up the tent, settled down, and then about half an hour later the most almighty storm hit, thunder, rain, the works. It was nice to feel so cosy, but the thought of the tent being hit was a tad worrying!
Anyway, we survived the night and had another great 2 days of merriment - phew!

Monday, 14 July 2014

New blog - also by me!

Hello! Long time, no blog (here at least) so I hope you are all well! I have started a new blog, all about the amazing folklore, myth and legend of the world, often quite dark, always very interesting!

Check it out HERE