Sunday, 24 May 2015

Beautiful, wild Scotland.

Hello all, I have just returned from a lovely week in Scotland, the Isle of Mull and Iona to be precise - those of you who know me are aware no doubt that I go every year! We had some very nice weather mixed in with the storms and managed to do something everyday - lots of walking, photographing and taking in the air.

I think each of us has a place in the world which is more than just a holiday destination, a place that means more to us on a spiritual level, and this is the case for me. I have been visiting Mull for over 20 years, at least once a year, sometimes twice when I've been lucky, and there is always more than  enough to fill a week. This year is the first time we have been by car, usually it is a journey of trains, ferries and buses, but it was lovely to have the freedom of a vehicle. I feel lucky to have found such a place, to know it exists and one that I will see again.