Friday, 5 March 2010


We had to go and collect my other half's parents from Birmingham airport tonight...a trip we have made loads of times but tonight was not a good journey! We nearly missed turnings, I felt queezy, he was tired and on the way back the fuel dropped low quite fast so we were paranoid that we wouldn't make it home! Also I am always worried that a small (or large) animal will run out into the road...glad to be home!
Peace all.

First sale!

Tonight I have had the first sale on the new web shop for Rehome-a-Book! So happy, bit nervous that it will go smoothly but I am extra pleased that it is a person that I don't know, meaning that people are able to find and view the shop independently - brilliant. I hope for many more!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Spring has sprung.

I think so anyway! Went for a lovely long walk in the forest this afternoon, sun, birds, blue sky - the whole package and I so enjoyed it. I also got some small branches to use as display equipment for a sale I have on at the end of the month - events page for details! Well they will do the job and were free so it can't be bad! Got home, made a cup of tea and had a bag of Skittles with sooo many Skittles in it....its a good day!
Later tater.