Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Foggy Nights.

It has got a lot colder here the last two nights, followed by lovely frosty mornings. Last night and this evening have been particularly foggy, and actually very nice - although a bit of a pain for driving anywhere. I passed through my home town last night, and although damp and cold, the fog made for a very atmospheric time. The church tower was illuminated, and even though the outline was shrouded in fog, the light gave a glow which made the surrounding rooftops into an amazing silhouette which was very eerie. The other thing I noticed was the dampening effect the fog had on sound, much like when it snows, town was quiet and calm with only the occasional passing person or car to lift the silence - I do like winter!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Chainmaille and a bubbling stew!

Evening folks, hope you re all well as ever. I've a had a busy but good day today at the workshop making felt and chainmaille - it's what I do. I got home this evening in the cold and dark to find my friend had started a beautiful smelling beef stew in the slow cooker, it will probably be ready in a few days mind you - the aromas driving my taste buds mad until then! All we need is an open fire and some Mead and I've had a pretty medieval day - brilliant :)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Dull Monday - but quite nice really!

Hi all, hope you are all well and had a nice weekend. I had a busy one but it was nice, had to go to the workshop and make some more jewellery on Saturday as my things are selling well in the new shop I have them in - Serendipity in Presteigne!

Today is a dull day, but only weather-wise, it is quite nice really as I have a day in front of the computer and I know I'm not missing any nice weather outside, lots of coffee and work to be done so I am happy, and I do like Autumn/Winter, the big jumpers have come out of the wardrobe and my wellies are by the front door ready for a soggy trudge in the woods.

It is also the time of year for the Leonids meteor shower, tonight should be good, but I fear there will be too much cloud to actually see anything! Knowing that those shooting stars are doing their thing overhead is lovely however.

So, with that I shall put the kettle back on the stove and get on to the next thing - have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A bit of self-promotion!

Afternoon folks, hope you are all well! I have added a few things to the blog - the 'My other ventures' bit on the right-hand side, this features my Zazzle and Giggling Hedgehogs online stores where I sell gifty things, and also the link to Myth or Maxim a site for the weird and strange, twitter feed etc.

It is hard to promote things online, but social media does help, getting the word out is vital but a slog at the same time - every little helps.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Cold, wet and wintry.

Hi all, well, today I feel the grip of winter descending, it is 4.40pm as I type, it is nearly dark outside, its raining and bloomin' cold! I do like winter, but have been lulled into a false sense of security by the unseasonably warm weather we have had of late. On Friday we had the warmest Halloween on record, it was dry and mild, but today things seem to be catching up with how November normally is.

I hope we have a dry, chilly winter, in all seriousness we need a few frosts to kill of the bugs in the garden and germs that bring on ill health - it is what out climate should be, even if it is inconvenient. I think I will be digging out my scarves and gloves tomorrow, whist packing away thinner clothes until next year!