Thursday, 17 November 2016

First stormy day...

After turning in at around 5am this morning (usual night owl behavior) I fell straight to sleep and woke up to a very stormy day, the rain and wind lashing at the window, cars making swooshing noises as they drove by and a distinct chill in the air - the first real autumnal storm has arrived.

I like a storm, it makes me feel awake, the way trees dance and that weird light that comes with violent weather is really special, but then I am lucky to live in a warm dry home, it would be a totally different story otherwise, and I always think of homeless souls and those who have their homes damaged by this kind of weather. There are reports on the news today of storm damage at the coast, caravans being torn to bits and big waves smashing town defenses. Thoughts are with them.

So today will mostly be spent indoors, drinking coffee, and making things for etsy...not bad.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Praise indeed..feline fine.

Well, our little moggy Furmi (named after Enrico Fermi the physicist - science nerd husband got to name him) has just been to the vet for his second lot of injections to keep him healthy and happy, and the vet said he is a 'fine figure of a cat'...very proud! He is beautiful, but then we are biased so it was lovely to hear that :)

In 2 weeks he goes to have his 'little operation' after which he will hopefully lose part of his Tasmanian devil type playtime madness...but there is no guarantee! Toes, flappy trousers and anything he can pounce on gets attacked at the moment, and he runs at around 1000 miles per hour ;) Now though, he is curled up as I type - helpful chap, tired after a busy day.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Shift work.

My husband works shifts, so as a result my own daily routine adjusts according to his schedule. For example this week he is on late shift, so I begin working when he goes to work, I actually quite enjoy this as it means every other week has a different feel to it, especially now the darkness of winter is looming. I will work, make things and write until the small hours, then start to cook so we can eat when he gets home, a bit of t.v to unwind before bed at some point during the early hours. We obviously do not get up early during late weeks, sometimes seen as lazy by some who have never had the pleasure of shift work! A certain number of hours sleep is vital, whenever they may fall, we are still working while these folks are snoring away in their beds. Lucky to be a natural night owl I guess...different story during his early shift weeks though ;)

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Slap on the wrist!

January....JANUARY! Was the last time I posted here, it is ridiculous! I have been busy with my other ventures (see 'other ventures' thingy on the side panel) plus general day to day stuff but still, no excuse.

Anyway I hope anyone who ever reads this is well and happy and I promise to be more productive from now on!