Thursday, 17 November 2016

First stormy day...

After turning in at around 5am this morning (usual night owl behavior) I fell straight to sleep and woke up to a very stormy day, the rain and wind lashing at the window, cars making swooshing noises as they drove by and a distinct chill in the air - the first real autumnal storm has arrived.

I like a storm, it makes me feel awake, the way trees dance and that weird light that comes with violent weather is really special, but then I am lucky to live in a warm dry home, it would be a totally different story otherwise, and I always think of homeless souls and those who have their homes damaged by this kind of weather. There are reports on the news today of storm damage at the coast, caravans being torn to bits and big waves smashing town defenses. Thoughts are with them.

So today will mostly be spent indoors, drinking coffee, and making things for etsy...not bad.

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