Monday, 14 November 2016

Praise indeed..feline fine.

Well, our little moggy Furmi (named after Enrico Fermi the physicist - science nerd husband got to name him) has just been to the vet for his second lot of injections to keep him healthy and happy, and the vet said he is a 'fine figure of a cat'...very proud! He is beautiful, but then we are biased so it was lovely to hear that :)

In 2 weeks he goes to have his 'little operation' after which he will hopefully lose part of his Tasmanian devil type playtime madness...but there is no guarantee! Toes, flappy trousers and anything he can pounce on gets attacked at the moment, and he runs at around 1000 miles per hour ;) Now though, he is curled up as I type - helpful chap, tired after a busy day.

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