Friday, 25 February 2011


Well, as predicted on the forecast, after yesterday's sunny spring-like day we now have one of, greyness and rain...and a bit of wind. Spring is teasing us by poking it's head round the proverbial corner every so often, but winter hasn't lost it's grip completely...patience is a virtue!

Anyway, I will be fixed to my computer for most of the weekend so in a way I hope the weather isn't too good, I will want to be outside! I do hope however, that you all have bright shiny weekends - can't have it all I guess.

Take care folks.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm back!

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog of late, been busy writing and with business stuff as well as people having birthdays, having to go places, sleeping etc!

As mentioned on the Rehome-a-Book blog, the snowdrops here are amazing, the first glimpse of cheerful flowers indicating spring...we hope! Crocus' will be next adding a splash of colour then we await tree blossom, daffodils, longer days and warmer weather, hopefully dryer weather too as it is raining yet again here today. Regardless, I must go out into it, juggling two bags and a brolly - wish me luck!