Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Big Thaw.

On Friday it snowed...then on Sunday it snowed some more...a LOT more. For the last 3 days we have been in a white world, schools and businesses closed, lots of photographs being taken. But today it is thawing, the colour of the world is gradually coming back, and everything is dripping, hopefully it won't freeze again tonight and make the ground a sheet of ice...but I have my doubts! We had -13 the night before last, and it was very cold last night too so we'll see.

Hope you are warm wherever you are!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Late to the party...Poldark!

I know, its been on TV for ages, yes many friends have loved it, and recommended it, and also yes...a very attractive leading man! But eventually, after all this time, and thanks to Netflix I am now on board the Poldark train!

Whilst searching for something to watch (as often happens) it came up in the 'recommended for you' list, and I happened to be in the mood for a historical drama...I also love Cornwall as we went there for our honeymoon. So I clicked on it and began episode one, instantly loved what I was seeing.

So, if you like them are thinking 'Duh! We could have told you that' in relation to the greatness of this programme, my apologies - now excuse me, I have more to watch!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Bit of a plug...etsy shop.

Hi all, just a bit of self-promoting! I am running a 30 day SALE on my etsy shop  which runs from today until the 13th December, ideal for Christmas gifts and in time to catch last posting dates. Check out the shop for discounted prices and gift ideas. Thank you!

Just a few items currently available:

Saturday, 4 November 2017

New blind for the window.

It may sound incredibly dull, but I bought a blind for our kitchen window MONTHS ago and today it finally got fitted, our friend who did it made my day, not only because it will make the room slightly warmer, but when we have the kitchen lights on at night, our big window illuminates the entire row of houses that run along our garden!

So its a happy Saturday thus far, and tonight we can roll the blind down and appreciate it's glory! I hope you are having a good day too out there.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

My Pumpkin...

Last spring I found some pumpkin seeds that I had forgotten about, they must have been fairly old but I planted them anyway with the goal of growing at least one...hopefully large enough to carve on Hallowe'en. From all the plants that sprouted, and two failed pumpkins which we lost to damage and slugs (bane of my life) we were left with one...rather rugby-ball shaped pumpkin, goal achieved!

So, I went to it last night, knife in hand ready to create my usual jagged-mouthed face, but when I cut into it the flesh was so think I couldn't do much with it - design wise at least.I had managed to grow a pumpkin dense enough to feed a healthy number of people (if useless for artistic creations). So decision beauty has been turned into soup, and lots of it, the left over flesh is cubed and in the freezer.

Thank you pumpkin, you have / will feed us well!

My Pumpkin...(apple for scale)

Monday, 30 October 2017

Clocks back, first frost.

Well, it seems winter is well and truly on the way, yesterday the clocks went back an hour (giving us an extra hour in bed) and the weather is definitely getting chilly. We went out last night as we usually do on a Sunday, and when we walked home at around 10.30, it was freezing...literally. Frost- the first of this autumn - was coating everything in sparkles, and it was a beautiful, clear night with stars glinting overhead. luckily the central heating was on when we opened the front door, and we warmed up very quickly...brrr.

On getting out of bed this morning at 6am, the frost was still there, and it was getting light. Last week it was still dark at that time with no birds singing, what a difference an hour makes! Although it will be dark at 5pm, that early morning bit of light helps the day get going!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Busy Summer...restful Autumn.

Hi all, yes, I know, I haven't posted all summer...but I have been REALLY busy and have been physically away for most of it. I have been helping out on a friend's food stall at various events and have travelled around a lot of the country meeting great people and seeing lovely places, it is over now, so time to get back to my 'thing' and work from home, make my jewellery for Etsy ( and enjoy autumn and winter.

I love this time of year - being a jumper and blanket type of person, so when others including my husband are complaining about the cold, rain and dark, I am quietly reveling in it! Even down to cooking, stews, roasts, stodgy comfort food.

So, I have sorted my wardrobe, summer things away, winter things rediscovered, set the heating timer so it never really gets too chilly in the house and have stocked up on stock cubes and tins in the food cupboard...bring it on winter.

When is your favourite time of year? Let me know, and if it's now I hope you are well. I'm on twitter @gemmsky if you want to connect there :)