Friday, 13 November 2009

Peace reigns eternal.

Well I am happy to report that nothing dramatic happened in the end last night, I put the bangs and crashes down to the weather and not the local trouble-makers! Things just sound bigger, louder and more suspicious in the dark don't they. I was here loading stock onto ebay at around 3.30am and as the weather calmed down so did everything else. Logic you see!

Not much to say tonight, I am quite tired, it seems to have been one of those days where I thought I hadn't got much done but I've actually been at the computer since mid-afternoon with only a couple of breaks. My day frequently starts at around midday and ends at around 5-6am but I think I will have an 'early' night and turn in soon. The hotwater bottle is at the ready!
Goodnight to anyone who may read this!

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