Saturday, 14 November 2009

Simple pleasures.

I have just spent a great half-hour watching my ferret Eddie playing with an empty hot water bottle. He was dragging it around and flipping it over, digging underneath it - brilliant. My other pleasures today have been realising I am warm and cosy in my flat whilst listening to the howling gales blowing outside, the first storm of winter and I love it - as long as nobody gets hurt! I have had some lovely Chilean red wine, watched 'Autumnwatch' on telly and made myself toast-pizzas. My other half was out this evening so I had a 'me night'.

Storms are so powerful to me. Rain and wind in the winter, thunder and lightening in summer, they stir my pagan roots and give me the shivers. Its like when Mother Nature wins and you have no option to get out of her way. Respect is due!
Blessings all. x

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