Monday, 16 November 2009

Went to market.

Hi all (as if anyone reads this!) I didn't post last night as I had an early night in readiness for today - the Sunday flea market in Ludlow where I do a second-hand book stall occassionally for my business 'Rehome-a-Book'. The weather forcast wasn't too bad considering the storms and gales of the last few days, but we did get some rain - no wind though so at least we weren't all flying away.
So it was up at 6.30am, on the market for 7.30 then 9 hours of standing, coffee drinking, chatting and the occassional bit of selling. I did sell a six volume set of Winston Churchill books - first editions but no dust-jackets, still the customer was happy. I came away with a profit so thats a good day. However by the time I had got home, we had unloaded the van and had a cup of tea I was starting to ache all over, I dread tomorrow!
Anyway I now have a two-week gap until my favourite event of the year, the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre! We get to dress up too - it is required and the stalls have to look authentic but it is good fun, I just hope there are lots of people willing to spend some money, times are tough.


  1. I went in the river at Ludlow was summer.....a very pleasant town....

  2. It is a lovely town, the river at the moment is very full and brown so I'm glad you experienced it in summer!