Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I had to get up earlier than I would have liked today to move the van before the parking meters kicked in - my Dad needed it back anyway so, after wiping the misty windows I drove it 'home', had a welcome cuppa then came home to do some work.

I ache. The problem with running a book business is that they need to be moved, they are heavy and bulky and there is no easy way really. I kid myself that it is exercise, which I guess it is - weight lifting kinda. Anyway, back and shoulders were not nice, they are better now though that I have been up and moving about for the last 15 or so hours! I'll be back on form tomorrow.

It is raining again, we had an almost free day - but I like the rain, especially during the night when it sounds louder and makes the roof tiles glisten in the moonlight, very poetic actually. Soon it will be cold enough that it freezes and that is not so much fun for the morning traffic. Winter ahoy.

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