Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A two-bottle night.

Hotwater bottles that is - I sit here at my computer with one on my lap and there is another waiting for me to take to bed whenever I go later - I am slightly concerned that it is only November, what on earth will I be like by February?! Maybe someone will get me an electric blanket for Christmas...then again perhaps I should just toughen up a bit.

I went to a friend's house this evening for food, chat and telly which is always lovely and when I was walking home at 11ish I noted that it was foggy again and cold, but really not unpleasant, I like the way fog calms everything, just like snow does - things get slower and muffled. As long as I don't have to drive anywhere in it obviously. Now I am in work mode I keep looking outside to take in the scene - I am a bit odd I know, but who cares?!

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