Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Just about recovered!

I didn't post this weekend as I went on a friend's hen-do. Now this is not the kind of thing I enjoy normally but it was good to be there and share in her time. It isn't often I end up in the upstairs room of one of the town's roughest pubs watching a drag-queen act - who was brilliant by-the-way, at least I knew the time-warp and the words to 'All That Jazz' so could join in a bit!

The other good thing about this weekend was the beautiful new moon - and nice clear nights to be able to see it clearly. I have the Ludlow Medieval Fayre this coming weekend so am hoping that the positive draw of this phase helps me earn some money and have a great time - just need to keep an eye on that weather forecast! It is not fun being in a huge marquee with a force 10 blowing around it...
Anyway, blessed be all.

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