Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year.

Well Christmas has been and gone - or rather Yule if you are Pagan like me, and we are into a new year. The last one ended with a friend of mine in hospital with appendicitis which was horrible, he is home now though and will hopefully feel better soon.

As always I have reflected on the past year, the people and animals who are no longer physically here but have transcended into the spirit life and are with us still, the events of the year and things I've done. Not many resolutions, but I endeavour to grow my businesses and make more money! Also to not be used by people so much, keep with the genuine ones and not put myself in the path of negativity in that way. Here's hoping anyway. What will 2010 bring? Whatever it is I shall note it here!
Blessings for the new year all - keep safe.

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