Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I have been to visit my best friends this evening and had one of the best walks home ever. We have snow, between the time I got there and the time I left it had snowed about another inch and except for the crunch beneath my wellies there was no sound, no people, no cars and I loved it. It is times like this when the power and beauty of nature astounds me and I am greatful for it. Everything seems lighter at night with snow on the ground and rooftops, the moon and streetlight is reflected and there is a night time glow that you never get at any other time. Stunning.

I got home at around 11.15pm, put the dustbins out ready for morning and made a mug of ginger and lemon tea with a dash of honey for me and my other half, then had our ferret out for his late night play time - he's great, everything is a toy but tonight he was more interested in food and getting back to bed - can't blame him at all. It is so cold, we have had ice on the inside of our windows every morning for about a two weeks now. I think I will get to bed myself if only to keep warm, I did some work earlier on so don't feel too guilty!

Here's to the winter wonderland.
Peace all.

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