Monday, 21 December 2009

Long time no blog...

The time has flown and I have not written! Today is a good point to begin again as I can report we finally have some snow - only a bit but it's enough to make it look pretty, it is also incredibly cold. Proper winter weather though and the way things should be. I feel lucky as I can enjoy it - not like the poor people stuck at airports or stations unable to move.

Today is also the winter solstice - the shortest day of the year where darkness is more than daylight. We had a beautiful sunset and there is absolutely no wind - perfectly wintry and calm. I spent some of this afternoon at my parent's house watching the many birds in the garden. There is a female blackbird that has become very territorial about the bird table - is very quite comical to see her chase away the other birds, she stayed there until it was practically dark guarding her post. The others do get in and grab food but I think they have to plan it for a quick attack!

Anyway, I am watching 'Smilla's Feeling For Snow' which is very seasonal and is also a film of one of my favourite books so it is time to cosy up on the sofa under my blanket with a cup of tea and appreciate the time of year. I also did my decorations this evening, although I am not a Christian to celebrate Christmas I do celebrate Yule - the original pagan festival, bringing greenery indoors, lighting candles and giving thanks to the Earth and all it gives, resting now ready to burst forth in spring. Very poetic aren't I?!

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