Thursday, 23 June 2011


I was dog-sitting yesterday up in the countryside of Powys and had the thrill of seeing some fledgling greater spotted woodpeckers learning how to feed - although the parent bird was still helping them out a lot. They were so comical with their bright red spiky hairdos - watched them on the feeders for ages, it was fantastic. On the way home I also say red kites which is always a thrill, I pulled over into a lay by to watch them and hear them calling - talk about shivers down the spine - brilliant.


  1. Great isn't it when they come along. I've had a Woodpecker feeding at our place, but sadly no youngsters. Although it is just our first year here, so fingers crossed, we can emulate my Mother and get some fledglings at some point.

  2. They were so cool - could have spent hours watching them, but a certain hound demanded more attention :)