Saturday, 25 June 2011

Early for a Saturday!

Well, I was up with the larks this morning after a busy day with Rehome-a-Book stuff yesterday. Unfortunately on the street where I live we have parking meters and traffic wardens who - how do I say this nicely...are very efficient at their job! So, from 8 to 6 there is a charge to park so I had to get up and put a ticket on the van to avoid a big yellow envelope, while I was up I had a nice little walk in the fresh morning air and managed to get in before the rain came (again)!

Reasons to go for a morning walk

Now, to all those braving the mud at Glastonbury - I salute you, I cannot imagine waking up this morning in a (very) muddy puddle, I'm sure the atmosphere and music more than makes up for it though, we were watching the BBC2 coverage until quite late last night - some great acts on this year! Watched the U2 set - their recent stuff leaves me a bit cold but the Achtung Baby stuff and other classics last night really brought back some memories.Good luck!

Right, more tea needed, back later!

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