Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Messed up!

Hi all, I am up and awake which is normal for this time of day but hardly slept last night - a drawback of being nocturnal is that when you have to attend a daytime event like the funeral I went to yesterday, it messes up one's sleep patterns. It was a nice day regardless of the circumstances though, we saw Bill off well and the cremation ceremony was very free and relaxed which makes a change from the usual orderly approach. His wife and our dear family friend did all the talking which I admire her for and we had a laugh and joke as he would have wanted. We got home at a very reasonable time - around 7pm, watched a film and dozed really. I watched the Winter Olympic coverage throughout the night but snoozed on and off as sleep caught up with me. I'll be back to normal now I think!
Anyway, I shall pop back later!

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