Sunday, 14 February 2010

Hi all.

Morning/evening to you all wherever you are on the planet, checking in for another post finally. I am very excited about the Winter Olympics and have been avidly watching on the BBC website thing, loved the bumpy skiing today - made my knees hurt just looking at them! Well done team USA though for a gold and bronze.

We went to see 'Up In The Air' today starring the lovely George Clooney and I really enjoyed it, possibly as there is a part of me that would like to live that anonymous jet-set lifestyle, although truthfully it would probably be fine for like a week or so then I would miss my bed and houseplants! Anyway, a jolly good watch nonetheless and highly recommended.

Anyway, I shall sign off for a bit - cooking pasta then doing ironing - thrilling news for a blog I know but it's a window into my world. Got a funeral tomorrow of a very close family friend so must make sure we are wrinkle-free.

Catch you later peeps.

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