Saturday, 11 June 2011

Steam Train

I had heard that a steam train would be coming through today at 2pm so I waited and was not disappointed - it was a beautiful, green engine with lots of carriages, the sound of the whistle and the 'chuff chuff' of the steam are just magical - I always love seeing them go by, a sight that is rare these days.

Well, it has been another rainy day here, no sun. I went out with some friends last night and it was really cold - like February cold not like the middle of June! It was quite shocking really, having to wear warm coats and take umbrellas everywhere, hopefully it will brighten up in the next few weeks, I have a few events on with Rehome-a-Book, all of which require me to be outside! Fingers crossed.

Anyway, for now I must get on with some writing, then later some research for my book - that is unless I fall asleep before then...
Bye for now!

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