Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I had a lovely twitter peep say that the blog was nice today and it made feel good! Not only that people must, occasionally look at it but that it is also an OK thing. I follow lots of blogs and they all offer something different, I hope mine is as good as them. I only post relatively short musings, but they are usually to the point!

Anyway, I have just been into town, errands to run before the next bank holiday weekend when I'm not sure if things will be open. Although Friday is the Royal Wedding, it is also my father's 70th birthday, although he doesn't want to acknowledge it really which I can totally understand, I don't acknowledge mine either, but I will go and see them, drop off his gift and probably miss the whole Royal wedding and I'm really not that bothered, it will be on the news constantly with replays and highlights, don't think I'll miss anything that important!

Bye for now!

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