Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What a weekend.

Hi all, as you know it was my birthday last Friday, it always falls around the bank holiday but this year it was great as some of my friends were actually about rather than on holiday as is usually the case. We had a good night out...shame about the hangover! Anyway, a year older and no wiser.

Saw the ISS go over again tonight, I let my Facebook friends know about it and several of them enjoyed seeing it with their kids which was great! I always get a buzz from seeing it go by, it passes tomorrow at 8.23pm btw if you are in the UK.

Anyway, it is gone 1.30am which is not late for me, I have just done some of my banking online but I am actually a little sleepy tonight, probably due to the weekend upsetting my rhythms! I shall dose for a bit then do something constructive...probably.

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