Monday, 19 July 2010

Sore gum

I have one - but actually quite like it, it's one of those pains that is more of a feeling and I can't leave it alone, keep on tonging it...must take an ibuprofen or something so it can get some rest!

Had an amazing weekend at the Festival at the Edge where I was with my business, we sold some bits and bobs but not as much as I'd hoped, the weather was a bit of a let down to be fair, so hopefully next year will be busier! Planning ahead already. It was such a great atmosphere, safe, storytelling oriented and fun.

Anyway, off to have a cuppa and pill, catch you later folks.


  1. "bits and bobs" Sounds like the kind of purchases I like to make! I'm sure next year will be better-- and, hopefully, your gum will be, too, but sooner!

    Cellar Door

  2. Thank you - the gum is on the mend!